I've done a couple of wedding shoots, and have enjoyed them very much.

The challenge of managing the guests, completing the shots that have been requested whilst also adding the individual touch of creativity was really satisfying for me as a photographer. Delighted customers are such a reward.

For the shoots on this page, I've supplied the customers with their images on disc, but I can get books and print done for you. If you are interested then please get in contact!



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sih-yu & Paul This was a wedding shoot that I did for my friends Sih-Yu & Paul. As Sih-Yu is Taiwanese, the tradition there is to have pre-wedding photographs taken. We shot these in the UK when they came over to celebrate the wedding with their British friends and family. It was a nice way of doing the shoot as the pressure of shooting on the actual wedding day wasn't there and we got a chance to do a lot of pre-planning. Everything was relaxed and natural.





Sarah & Sam This was my first wedding shoot. My friend Sarah had been let down at the last minute, so without too much time to worry about it, I stepped in to do the job. We were blessed with a superb day and the results were excellent with a very satisfied bride and groom!




Katy & ozy

I was just supposed to be a guest at this one. Katy & Ozy had an official photographer but Katy needed me to do some shots of the bridal party before the photographer arrived, so I obliged, before getting suited and booted!