The passion of live music, caught as stills.

Live music is a huge passion of mine and i absolutely love photographing at shows, to capture and keep the passion and the energy witnessed at the time. It's also, pretty tricky to capture in what is usually, a low light situation, because of this challenge, great results are even more rewarding.



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The Chapman Family The Grand O Children Jonah Matranga The Lemonheads The Jezabels
Crystal Castles Atari Teenage Riot Caribou Biffy Clyro Bring Me The Horizon The Big Pink


the chapman family
The Hop, Wakefield, 07.02.2013

The Chapman Family are an indie rock band from Stockton. They are certainly on the dark end of the indie rock spectrum, with a very Joy Division feel to their live show. The band are progressing nicely and becoming a force to be reckoned with. These particular shots were tricky to edit as they insisted on performing under red light for a moody feel, even so, they came out very well and capture the energy of the performance. I've had a conversation with the front-man on Instagram, apparently this is not his best Ian Curtis impression, I'm looking forward to seeing a better one then!


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the grand
The Hop, Wakefield, 07.02.2013

These guys are friends of mine, they had the support slot for the above Chapman Family show, ideal opportunity for a great show with both of these bands playing. The Grand are, as they say themselves, in the same genre as The Chapman Family, but at the happier end of the spectrum. They've recently got a place on the line up at the Live at Leeds music festival and have competed in previous years for a set at the main Leeds Festival. I've done graphics work for these guys under their previous name of Shakeshudder, and I've also designed and built the drummer's drum tuition website "York Drum Teacher".


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o children
Stereo, York, 17.10.2012

O Children are a 4 piece gothic rock outfit based in London, they have a huge live presence, thanks to their gargantuan front-man, he's unbelievably tall with a deep voice very reminiscent of Andrew Eldridge of the Sisters of Mercy. They are on album two and produce amazing gothic tinged tuneful, dark rock music.


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Jonah Matranga
Stereo, York, 04.06.2012

Jonah is a living legend, and a lovely guy to boot too! He was in a band called Far during the nu-metal / emo-core revolution in the mid nineties, he has since been working in that band, and on many side projects and solo tours. He's the one to thank for Frank Turner breaking through having supported his career since the early days.


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The lemonheads
The Duchess, York, 19.04.2012

The Lemonheads gained huge success in the 90's along with the popularity of the alternative scenes that were brought to the forefront of our attention by the grunge explosion. They've reformed and it's now possible to see them live again and in small venues.


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The Jezabels
Stereo, York, 05.09.2011

The Jezabels are a four piece band from Sydney, Australia. In the UK they rose to notoriety with the inclusion of their track "A Little Piece" being used on the cult trails mountain biker Danny MacAskill's video "Way Back Home".


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crystal castles
Leeds Festival, Bramham Park, 27.08.2010

I think either this set at Leeds Festival, or the previously featured Bring Me The Horizon set have to be my favourite gig shooting experiences. The energy of Crystal Castles is incredible, it's just so unbelievably raw and primal. Alice Glass the front-woman, is clearly slightly unhinged, but hey, where's the problem in that? It sure makes for an incendiary show and certainly one that's hard to forget. The shots with crowd member's feet in the air and someone with a pot on their arm pretty much sum up the punk fierceness of this show.


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atari teenage riot
Leeds Festival, Bramham Park, 27.08.2010

Atari Teenage Riot swiftly followed the Crystal Castles set if I remember correctly, as if I hadn't had enough punk electro noise. As with Crystal Castles, it was a fierce show, under moody lighting that was tricky to shoot under. However it captures the essence and the attitude of these guys.


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Leeds Festival, Bramham Park, 28.08.2010

Caribou were beautifully mellow and as you can see, colourful too. Caribou is the brainchild of Canadian Daniel Snaith, this show was promoting the album Swim which had been released around the same time.


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biffy clyro
Leeds Festival, Bramham Park, 29.08.2010

I shot many bands on the main stage from the crowd and it's pretty tricky because of such long lens requirements. Biffy Clyro performed at a time where the light was just right and it made for a spectacular sight with the sun and the dry ice. Biffy Clyro have been confirmed to headline the 2013 Leeds Festival.


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bring me the horizon
Leeds Festival, Bramham Park, 28.08.2009

Bring Me The Horizon are brutal, your mother would not like them. They hail from Sheffield, England and have gathered a massive following of fanatical fans though incendiary live performances, three intense albums and plenty of controversy, and tattoos. A spectacle to behold and a joy to photograph. They have just released their fourth full length album "Sempiternal" and are looking set to take over the world now. They might finally get their Mercury Prize nomination, here's hoping for that and the first metal win!

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the big pink
Leeds Festival, Bramham Park, 29.08.2009

This was a fantastic discovery, I had heard these guys before seeing them so I knew it was going to be good, this was just before their track Dominoes became a massive hit, we were there first, and we weren't just sheltering from the rain, honest!