The basis of a lot of design

Without good artistic skills, along with a creative mind, design really can't reach it's full potential. Strong illustrative skills are used in all areas of design, especially in logos and branding. What follows is a selection of work that has either been completely illustrative, or has featured a lot of illustration work.

If you have any illustration work you'd like to do for you, then please get in contact!


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Precious parcels canvases - Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

These are some canvases made by my dear friend Natalie, she produces children's gifts. I illustrated each of these characters, the canvas manufacturer then puts the specific child's name on before print creating the bespoke product. I've also done a full range for photographs to be added to.





stapletons tyres - nationwide

This project was done in conjunction with First4IT in Harrogate. It is a an interactive presentation for internal use within Stapletons. It is a guide to tyre and tyre safety information, which is all interactive, demonstrating the effects of tyre wear, and other setup issues such as toe-in and tyre pressures. I illustrated everything for this project, from the street scene, through to the cars, tyres and testing equipment.




forest fuels - north east, uk

This site was a particular triumph for me. The client sells and distributed firewoods and fuels. I designed the logo and aesthetics for the site and illustrated the majority of the imagery, creating such complicated things as tiling forests, was quite a challenge. The biggest praise came when the client passed it on to a friend who works for Saatchi and Saatchi who loved it. Still grinning about that one. The web development and build was done by First4IT.